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My paintings aim to capture the transcendental in a mystical and sensual dimension, as that is where I truly find myself. Through my art, I convey emotions of passion, love, pain, and the longing for connection. There is a profound sense of calm present in my pieces, reflecting the serene power of an ocean, the infinite energy from which the world emerges, blurring the boundaries between us and the energy that surrounds us.

My goal is to reveal aspects of our inner selves to those seeking purpose and meaning in their human existence, much like myself. By painting the emotions I experience, I strive to deepen my connection to them and guide others to discover them through my art. When I mention "emotions," I refer to our sixth sense or intuition, guiding us in a chaotic world towards inner peace. I hope the viewer will also tap into this feeling and navigate through the noise of duality to break free from limitations. By fostering a strong bond and trust with our true selves—our feelings—we as humanity can live consciously, gracefully, following the natural flow of life with awareness. This is a life free from fear and ego, brimming with inner joy and uninfluenced by external forces.

My inspirations stem from my sensory perception of the world. Oils are my primary medium, and I integrate specific subjects into my work, focusing on the beauty and sensuality of composition, color harmony, and brushstroke flow. I found out that my painting style is called sfumato, involving blending pigments to create a seamless transition of colors. This technique reflects my perception of human essence as fluid energy rich in sensuality and love, capable of both beauty and pain blending seamlessly together. As realism and expressionism contend for control in my artworks, I also battle within myself, balancing the conflict between heart and mind, highlighting the juxtaposition of restricted and boundless forms effortlessly.  My aim is to portray the formless within tangible forms of paintings and bring joy to people's hearts.

I hope that viewers can sense the emotions woven into my artwork, resonating with those embarking on a journey to transcend the stories and constraints of this illusory world of duality we inhabit, mistakenly perceived as our reality.


  • 2021/Jul, Collector's Choice Award, ATIM Awards, USA

  • 2022/Feb, Leonardo da Vinci International Award, Florence, Italy (4th International Prize), Curated by Dr Francesco and Dr Salvatore Russo

  • 2023 Donne D'Amore, Premio Della Critica per "Who Am I?", Rome Italy

  • 2021, ArtTour International Magazine - Summer Issue, USA

  • 2021, The Great Encyclopedia of International Art, Curated by Dr Francesco and Dr Salvatore Russo, Italy.

  • 2022/Feb, Art International Contemporary Magazine Italy (4th International Prize), Curated by Dr Salvatore Russo

  • 2022/Feb, Leonardo da Vinci The Universal Artist, 4th International Prize, Florence, Italy (4th International Prize), Curated by Dr Francesco and Dr Salvatore Russo

  • 2022/Aug, La Toscana Nuova, Florence

  • 2021/Jul, ArtTour International TV Show and Interview with CEO of ATIM, USA

  • 2021/Oct, Interview with People's Connector, Events Online

  • 2020, Participated in Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes, Australia

  • 2020, 1 Week, Archibold's Post-Competition Art Gallery, Australia

  • 2021/23rd April - 2nd May, ROMANTICA RIFATTO, M.A.D.S Milano Art Gallery, Italy, Digital Exhibition.

  • 2021/Oct, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, Online Exhibition,

  • 2021-2022, Bluethump Online Gallery, Australia

  • 2022/Sep 3rd -12th, AQVART Exhibition and TV Coverage in Venice

  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Sydney)

  • Master of Professional Accounting (Sydney)

  • Changed Career to Artist in July 2020 (Sydney)