M.A.D.S Milano Art Gallery


Exhibition at M.A.D.S Milano Art Gallery, Italy  23rd April - 2nd May 2021

“Beauty shines in the heart of the one who aspires to it more than in the eyes of the one who sees it”    (Khail Gibran)

"Sherry’s work is a real search for beauty, her works represent the desire to reach the aesthetic ideal that makes the soul of those who observe them palpitate. The opera “Who am I?” is very strong and impacts with the heart of the viewer, in it we can admire the perfection in the rendering of the female body, a delicate and sensual work at the same time. Sherry makes the woman the protagonist, so close to the observer but at the same time so far away, she is true and real because we perceive her presence but at the same time she seems to be from another dimension. A sort of divinity in flesh and blood, behind and around it seems to be moving the whole cosmos, perhaps it is itself part of the whole.

Through her artistic work, Sherry seems to want to touch the transcendental, she transports us to an almost heavenly mystical dimension, where the dominant element is calm. Her works certainly install tranquility and serenity, in the work “Journey to Self” even if it seems to witness a storm, the artist manages to give us a delicate comfort through the balance between shadows and lights, between cold colours and the warmth of the yellow. 

The viewer in front of Sherry’s artistic work is pervaded by sensations and emotions, it seems to be enveloped by the strength and passion of a red rose or it seems to feel the creative force and feel one with the works. Sherry’s work embodies the ideal of beauty and sublime typical of the romantic era, that type of beauty that belongs to nature and that gives rise to strong feelings in the people.

Not only that, in her artistic work we perceive the will to reach the transcendental and art becomes its means, as the romantic artist aimed at the absolute so does the young artist Sherry. Meeting Sherry’s art means being pervaded by strong sensations, with calmness, through her works one gets to know the infinite and the absolute. With her art Sherry manages to shake the observer’s soul, pinches the strings of sensitivity and instills doubts in the observer. Her work is in fact the starting point for a long reflection." 

Art Curator Vanessa Viti

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